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KB10831 - TatukGIS (TTKGP) Project File.

TTKGP is a TatukGIS project file. It contains the file names and paths for each of the layers composing a map project, the layer order, map area coordinate system, and all the visual properties controlling the appearance of each layer (colors, line widths and styles, market symbols, polygon fills, label presentation, fonts, scale ranges, charts, transparency, etc.).

TTKGP project files can be opened and created using the TatukGIS Editor, free Viewer, and Developer Kernel (and any custom application developed from the Developer Kernel component).

TatukGIS project files are recognized by the *.TTKGP file name extension.

For more about the TTKGP project file in relation to the Developer Kernel product, refer to the section of the DK helpfile: Section API|Configuration/Project files.

Created: March 02, 2010, Modified: September 17, 2015