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KB10831 - TatukGIS Project File.

The TatukGIS Project File stores a map design:

  • references to layers f‚Äčiles
  • coordinate system setup
  • visual design such as colors, styles, labels, fonts, symbols, etc.

A project can be stored in a:

  • new .ttkproject file introduced in Developer Kernel 11 and Editor/Viewer 5
  • old and obsolete .ttkgp file

Only the new .ttkproject format supports all new product features and is, therefore, the recommended storage. If maintaining compatibility with older product versions is a priority, the latest Developer Kernel and Editor/Viewer versions offer an option to save to the old .ttkgp format.

The Editor/Viewer (5.3 and subsequent versions) seamlessly upgrades (upon saving) old projects to the new .ttkproject format. (This behavior will be introduced in the DK 11 in future months.)

Learn more about the TatukGIS Project File in the Developer Kernel product documentation.

A TatukGIS .ttkproject can contain and interact with the TatukGIS layer style (.ttkstyle) file, which is explained in KB10935.

Created: March 02, 2010, Modified: September 26, 2018