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KB10831 - TatukGIS Project File.

The TatukGIS Project File stores a map design:

  • references to layers f‚Äčiles
  • coordinate system setup
  • visual design such as colors, styles, labels, fonts, symbols, etc.

A project can be stored in a:

  • new .ttkproject file introduced in Developer Kernel 11 and Editor/Viewer 5
  • old and obsolete .ttkgp file

Only the new .ttkproject format supports all new product features and is, therefore, the recommended storage. If maintaining compatibility with older product versions is a priority, the latest Developer Kernel and Editor/Viewer versions can still also save to the old .ttkgp format.

Starting with version 5.3, the Editor/Viewer seamlessly upgrades old projects to the new .ttkproject format.

Learn more about the TatukGIS Project File in the Developer Kernel product documentation.

Created: March 02, 2010, Modified: July 31, 2018