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KB10864 - Using the Editor with OpenStreetMap data.

The Editor can 1) display OpenStreetMap (OSM) layers via web from the the OSM WMS (OGC Web Map Service) server as a map layer or 2) download to the computer OpenStreetMap vector map data for a specified map area.

1.  The TatukGIS Editor supports the OGC WMS standard, which means that it can be used to open map layers from any properly functioning WMS server, including the WMS server on the www.OpenStreetMap.org web site. Use one of the following methods to access the OSM WMS server:

  • Click on the menu item File/Open from Server, type in the address for the OpenStreetMap WMS server, and click on the OK button.
  • Click on the menu item File/Favorites, then click on OpenStreet Europe Map (which is pre-loaded in the favorites list).
  • Click on OpenStreet Europe Map…  under the Favorites list within the Welcome screen when the TatukGIS Editor is first launched.

2.  The TatukGIS Editor includes a ready-to-use script which performs the download of OSM vector map data from the OSM server to the local computer corresponding the map extent currently visible in the Editor map window. Access this script by clicking on the menu item Script/Run/Open and select the GetOpenStreetMaps script from the list.


Created: June 04, 2011, Modified: June 14, 2011