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KB10867 - Credit card payment problems (and how to avoid a problem).

The credit card payment process is a matter between the credit card owner/customer, the bank that issued the credit card, and the international credit card payments system. With on-line credit card payments, the buyer provides the credit card information directly to the credit card processor - so the credit card data is never shared with TatukGIS.

The strongest TatukGIS recommendation to avoid a problem is - before attempting the purchase - call to the telephone number on the credit card and inform the (credit card issuing) bank you wish to use that credit card to make an on-line purchase from a company (TatukGIS) located in Poland. Otherwise, because Poland represents an international transaction for most customers and/or an untypical location for the credit card to be used, there is significant risk of the bank's automated security procedure not authorizing the payment.

Payment Not Authorized message

To ensure the highest level of security, credit card transactions are checked deeply against risk of fraud. The most common reasons for non authorization are:

  • The bank (which issued the credit card) uses an automated anti-fraud security system which suspects use of the credit card in Poland might be an unauthorized transaction.
  • The bank or the type of the credit card uses a security procedure that does not allow foreign and/or internet transactions unless the customer first contacts the bank and authorizes the payment.
  • The bank, in response to a request from the credit card owner, temporarily enables the credit card for a foreign transactions only for a very short time period (example: 1 hour) that expires before the transaction is next attempted. (This can particularly be a problem when using the off-line credit card payment method.)
  • Internet purchases attempted on that day exceed the credit card’s daily internet transaction limit.
  • Purchases attempted on that day exceed the credit card’s total daily transaction limit.
  • Purchases attempted during the current billing cycle exceed the credit card’s total credit limit.
  • The credit card number was incorrectly entered.
  • The year/month of the expiration date was entered incorrectly or in the wrong format.
  • Person's name entered does not match the name on the credit card.
  • Address entered does not match the billing address of the credit card owner.
  • A communication fault, perhaps temporary, between the credit card processing system and your bank prevented presentation of the transaction request to your bank. (If the bank reports no record of an attempted transaction, this is a possibility.)

The solution to any of these situations is to call to your bank (using to the telephone number on the credit card) to discuss, clarify, and resolve the situation. When the problem is resolved, perform the on-line purchase again. When communicating with the bank, take into consideration that the bank i) must first confirm it is speaking with the credit card owner, ii) may be unwilling to share full information about the bank's anti-fraud security procedures (even with a confirmed customer), and iii) may be reluctant to disclose that the bank's security procedures caused a customer inconvenience.

Error message

On very rare occasions the web site of the credit card payments processor (eCard S.A.) may present an English and/or Polish language error message such as: no connection to the credit card issuer, incorrect command, or expired session. Two possible explanations for this error are:

  • A secure (encrypted) connection between the eCard web site and the purchaser’s computer, for some reason, could not be established. This might be due to a temporary problem with the internet connection, a pause for system maintenance, your web browser security settings…
  • The session timed out because the bank did not provide the electronic approval within the allowed time.

Based on our experience, in 90+% of cases this problem is resolved by doing one of the following:

  • Attempt the on-line purchase again a bit later (or the next day).
  • Attempt the on-line purchase again using a different web browser (or different computer).
  • Attempt the on-line purchase again using a different internet connection.

Alternative payment methods

In some cases, the alternative off-line/fax credit card payment method can work when the on-line credit card method does not, because the off-line/fax method allows more time - even a few hours - for the credit card issuing bank to approve the transaction. This gives the bank, for example, time to potentially call the credit card owner to verify a transaction (though not all banks make this effort). With the on-line payment method, the credit card payments system waits only seconds for the bank to respond with the transaction approval.

The off-line/fax method involves filling in, printing out, signing, and sending to TatukGIS a credit card payment order form, which TatukGIS manually submits to the credit card processor during local business hours.

The other alternative is perform the purchase payment by bank wire transfer. This bank wire transfer option is presented in the on-line purchase procedure.

Created: August 11, 2011, Modified: February 18, 2021