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KB10869 - HTML labeling for multiple fields and other complex label presentation.

Labeling features within the TatukGIS visual layer property control (DK, Editor, free Viewer products) provide for creating HTML style labels for complex label presentation, such as with values from multiple fields, multiple lines, line breaks, numeric formatting, boolean formatting, date formatting, multiple colors, and multiple fonts.

Label.Value is interpreted as HTML text. For example:

  Label.Value = {name}<hr><b>{area,”#.00”}</b>

Implemented HTML markers are:

  • Typical HTML tags like:
    <B> <STRONG> <I> <U> <BR> <HR> <FONT>
  • ESRI tags like:
    <BOL> <ITA> <UND> <ACP> <SCP> <FNT> <CLR>
  • Other tags like:
  • Special symbols like:
    &amp; &lt; &gt; &nbsp;

Guidance on setting up complex HTML labels can be found in the Editor Tutorial: Make a Map Project – Setting Visual Layer Properties available on-line at: Editor Tutorials

While HTML formatting is recommended, multi-field labels can also be created by attaching to the Label.Field property multiple fields values by starting each field value with the character " : “, using the format:

  :any text<[specifier]:[field_name]> any text

This creates a multifield label. For example:


The specifier can be:

  • for numeric and string fields: a format string as applied for standard Format() function.
  • for date fields: a format string as applied for standard FormatDateTime() function.
  • '\n' (also character " #13 " (Carriage return)) means a line-break.
Created: August 23, 2011, Modified: January 03, 2016