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KB10870 - Policy on purchase orders, delayed purchase payment terms, checks.

TatukGIS does not accept customer issued purchase orders for the following reasons.

1. Purchase of TatukGIS products is governed by the terms of the TatukGIS Purchase and Fulfillment Policy and use of TatukGIS products is governed by the TatukGIS Software License Agreement. A customer issued purchase order (PO) might contain conflicting stipulations.

2. TatukGIS software products and technical support maintenance are priced transparently and delivered electronically via the internet, with no physical shipment of goods. Product access is provided promptly upon receipt of the purchase payment (with credit card purchases, when the credit card payment is processed). These conditions should not require the complication of a customer issued purchase order document.

3. Purchase orders imply delayed payment terms. TatukGIS does not support delayed payment terms, i.e., trade credit, because:

  • TatukGIS customers are located in many different countries around the world, each with different customs, legal systems, etc. TatukGIS is not qualified to judge which buyers do and do not represent a good credit risk.
  • Use of a PO sometimes assumes delayed payment in the form of a check (such as drawn on a U.S. bank account). Because Europe (TatukGIS is located in Europe) has no physical check clearing system (checks are considered an obsolete payment technology), processing a check drawn on a U.S. bank is inconvenient, time consuming, and costly.
  • Managing customer credit decisions and customer accounts receivables involves substantial costs, which would have to be passed on to TatukGIS customers in the form of higher prices. Most TatukGIS customers do not want this.
  • TatukGIS already provides access to products prior to purchase and payment, in the form of the product trial versions.

For customers insisting on purchase using a PO, delayed payment terms, or paying with a check, consider ordering the purchase via your preferred software reseller, so the reseller performs the purchase from TatukGIS on your behalf. Government organizations and large corporations sometimes do business with TatukGIS this way. Because TatukGIS offers no special reseller price discounts, the reseller may charge the buyer an extra fee for the convenience and service provided by performing the transaction.

Created: September 05, 2011, Modified: October 18, 2016