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KB10874 - Purchase payment performed by different person or purchasing department.

If the situation requires a different person in your organization, such a purchasing department, to perform the payment, there are two possibilities.

Method 1

You perform the purchase order but allow the other person to perform the purchase payment. In this case, do not attempt to pay after placing the purchase order. Following completion of the purchase order procedure TatukGIS sends an e-mail providing a link to the payment options, which you can forward to the responsible person to use to perform the purchase payment. The link also provides access to the pro-forma invoice (which can be printed out or downloaded as a PDF file) and access to the payment status information (which either person can use to monitor if the payment has been performed).

This method does not require the person performing the payment to register in the TatukGIS system.

Method 2

The purchasing department, acting as the registered administer for the customer account, performs the purchase and the payment. The steps:

  • The administrator sets up his own administrative log-in/registration account in the TatukGIS customer database (this is done via the My Account / Sign-in page).
  • The administrator requests TatukGIS to activate the new user registration account to administrative status for the organization's account in the TatukGIS system.
  • The administrator performs the purchase transaction via the administrative log-in/registration account, using the normal on-line TatukGIS purchase procedure described in KB10866.
  • The administrator provides to TatukGIS the name and e-mail address of the product licensed user(s), to enable TatukGIS to accurately register the license(s) to the user(s).

Method 2 adds the administrator (such as purchasing department acting as administrator) to the automatic maintenance renewal notification e-mail that is sent approximately one month prior to the scheduled license maintenance renewal/expiration date. This can be helpful if the purchasing department will perform the annual maintenance renewal purchase in the following year.

Created: October 21, 2011, Modified: September 16, 2016