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KB10878 - Purchases by software resellers for final customers.

Some customers (typically government organizations or large corporations) prefer to purchase from TatukGIS via their software reseller. TatukGIS cooperates with resellers, though it offers no special reseller price discounts. The reseller may charge the final customer for the service provided by performing the transaction.

The reseller can perform a purchase from TatukGIS on behalf of a final customer using the following steps:

  • Provide TatukGIS (e-mail address: sales@tatukgis.com) information to identify the final customer, including organization name, address, name of contact person with the customer organization, contact person e-mail address, etc., and the product(s) to be purchased.
  • If the purchase involves the TatukGIS Developer Kernel product (which is licensed per registered developer), the reseller or the final customer must provide TatukGIS with the name and e-mail address of the developer who will use the product under each DK license, to enable TatukGIS to accurately register the license to the developer in the TatukGIS system. (If unknown at the time of the purchase, the final customer may declare the DK licensed user after the purchase is completed.)
  • If this is the reseller’s first business with TatukGIS, set up a user registration (log-in) account in the TatukGIS system to perform the purchase. Provide the reseller name, address, and other information as it should appear on the invoice and notify TatukGIS when this is done. In some cases (such as a new reseller performing a maintenance renewal for an already existing license/customer), TatukGIS must manually prepare the purchase item under the reseller's registration account.
  • Login to the reseller registration account and perform the TatukGIS on-line purchase procedure as explained in knowledge base item KB10866

A purchase transaction is fulfilled when the payment is received by TatukGIS. Upon receipt of the purchase payment, the reseller and final customer are automatically notified by e-mail, the final customer is enabled with direct download and activation access to the product, and the invoice is made available to the reseller (by print out or PDF download via the reseller's log-in/registration account). Nothing is physically shipped. For complicated situations, contact sales@tatukgis.com.

In addition to processing license purchase transactions, resellers with higher level knowledge of TatukGIS products and technology may provide value-added products and services, such as user training, language localization, consulting and solution design, custom development services, and use of the TatukGIS Editor's built-in scripting IDE to develop 3rd party extensions to provide localized, custom, or extended functionality.

Created: April 20, 2012, Modified: July 10, 2023