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KB10885 - Move, copy, or rotate a vector shape with the TatukGIS Editor.

The Editor MoveCopyShape script provides an elegant tool to move or copy the entirety or any portion of a line, polygon, or multi-line shape. Specific functionality:
  • Move or copy shape geometry to a new location in the same map layer or different (new or already existing) layer.
  • Move or copy only a portion of a shape’s geometry defined by the shape part and a range of vertices.
  • Option to change the geometric type of the copied geometry, such as to copy the vertices from a polygon type shape to create a new multi-point type shape.
  • New location for the shape geometry defined in terms of a directional shift relative to the original location (in map distance units) or as an absolute location.
  • Attributes transferred to moved or copied shape if operation is performed on the same layer or to a newly created layer. (Moving or copying a shape to a different, already existing layer will correctly transfer attributes only if the attribute field structure of the move/copy-from layer and move/copy-to layer are the same. )
The Editor RotateShape script provides a tool to rotate a line, polygon, or multi-point shape around:
  • the shape’s centroid, or
  • one of the vertices forming the shape.
As with all the scripts packaged with the Editor, the MoveCopyShape and RotateShape scripts can be executed via menu Scripts/Run/Open.

Note:  A polygon or line shape can also be rotated using the Editor COGO (Coordinate Geometry) tab.

Created: September 28, 2012, Modified: October 17, 2012