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KB10887 - Customize the Editor's default user interface.

The TatukGIS Editor default user interface can be customized in the following ways:

  • Add a menu item to the default menu bar. One click access to any script (such as a script providing a custom feature) can be added as a new menu item using menu Tools/Tools Manger. The newly added menu item will appear under the Tools menu. (For frequently used scripts, this can be more convenient than accessing the script from the list via the menu Scripts/Run/Open).
  • Add a new (custom) menu bar. The Zooming menu script (included with the Editor) provides a tutorial example demonstrating how use scripting to add a new menu bar.
  • Add a new (custom) toolbar (for buttons/icons). The Zooming toolbar script (included with the Editor) provides a tutorial example demonstrating how to use scripting to add a new toolbar.
  • Add or remove menu items or buttons to/from the default menu bar or toolbar. This can be done by customizing the Editor start-up script (TTKEDT.ESC) located in the Editor installation path. (CAUTION: Customization of the start-up script should be attempted only by expert-level users. Furthermore, it is recommended to keep a back-up copy of the default start-up script to revert back to in case an attempt customize this script is unsuccessful.)

Also refer to the on-line Editor video tutorials that relate to scripting.

Created: October 18, 2012, Modified: September 03, 2014
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