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KB10892 - DK.NET for a virtual machine application accessed via a remote desktop connection.

Because the DK.NET edition is pure .NET, it can be used to develop applications for virtual machine/terminal session configurations. The DK.NET renders using GDI+, which means that it is supported on a terminal session. The 3D rendering code is based on DirectX, which should also be supported on terminal environments.

There is, of course, some penalty on a terminal session due to the rendering being done on the server side. A way to test the performance is to try the TatukGIS Editor (or even free Viewer) product under the terminal server configuration. With the “antialiasing” feature activated, the Editor renders objects in the same way as the DK.NET WinForms. 3D rendering is done in exactly the way in the Editor and DK.NET.

The DK.NET also supports WPF. Considering the popularity of WPF, its performance on terminal server should be at least acceptable.

Created: January 28, 2013, Modified: January 29, 2013