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KB10908 - How to modify the existing coordinate system defitition.

Suppose you have the EPSG:3021 coordinate system definition, which in WKT presents the datum as:


but, for better ESRI interoperability, the user prefers the name D_RT_1990

In C#
  var dat = TGIS_Utils.CSDatumList.ByEPSG(6124);
  TGIS_Utils.CSDatumList.Fix(6124, "D_RT_1990", dat.Ellipsoid.EPSG, dat.Transform.EPSG);   
In Delphi

    dat : TGIS_CSDatum ;
    dat := CSDatumList.ByEPSG(6124) ;
    CSDatumList.Fix( 6124, 'D_RT_1990', dat.Ellipsoid.EPSG, dat.Transform.EPSG ) ;

Created: August 20, 2015, Modified: August 20, 2015