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KB10915 - Support MrSID, ECW, or File Geodatabase formats in a DK application.

Deploying support in a Developer Kernel developed application for some undocumented, third-party data formats requires the DK developer to independently download a free decode library directly from the 3rd software company. These formats include LizardTech MrSID, Erdas ECW, and ESRI File Geodatabase.

The DK supports each of these 3rd party decode libraries, but the licensing does not permit TatukGIS to include the decode library in a SDK download package. Typically, the developer must visit the software producer's web page and agree to license terms before downloading the library under the developer's own name. Guidance on adding support for these formats is provided in the Developer Kernel deployment folder and online product documentation.

The TatukGIS Editor and free Viewer contain built-in, read-only support for MrSID, ECW, and File Geodatabase data because the 3rd party licensing permits use of the decode libraries in compiled final user applications.

Created: December 08, 2015, Modified: September 19, 2019