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KB10930 - DK supported third-party libraries.

Though the TatukGIS Developer Kernel is designed for developing custom GIS applications without need for third-party software libraries, there are exceptions such as when a 3rd party library is required to support an undocumented, proprietary data format. Typically, the 3rd party software licensing requires the DK developer to independently download and license the required library directly from the software vendor (i.e. the licensing does not permit TatukGIS to redistribute the supported library with the DK package).

DK supported third-party libraries include:

  • MrSID decode library (downloaded from LizardTech company)
  • ECW decode library (download from Hexagon Geospatial company)
  • ESRI File Geodatabase library (downloaded from ESRI)
  • GDAL library, to add the GDAL support for data formats not directly supported by TatukGIS (download from www.gdal.org)
  • Database engines such as SQLite, etc.

See also KB10915.

Created: January 18, 2018, Modified: September 26, 2019