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KB10933 - TatukGIS and the Cloud

TatukGIS products support cloud computing in the following ways.

  • The TatukGIS Developer Kernel (DK) for ASP.NET edition, a GIS SDK designed for developing Web GIS applications, is a cloud solution. Product licensing is cloud friendly and deployment to cloud services is a simple 'copy file' deployment. The ASP.NET technology helps in exposing REST services providing custom GIS functionality. The DK for ASP.NET edition supports the full TatukGIS object API with its thousands of functions, properties, and methods.
  • TatukGIS products (all GIS Developer Kernel editions, desktop GIS Editor, free GIS Viewer) can consume a range of cloud compatible GIS industry standard web mapping services, including WMS, WFS, TMS, and WMTS. TatukGIS products can also communicate with selected REST services.
Created: February 05, 2018, Modified: February 14, 2018