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KB10936 - Crop a raster image or grid file.

The TatukGIS Editor can export data from an existing raster image or grid layer(s) to a new image or grid file based on a specified extent. Multiple options are provided to limit the extent the source data that is exported. Raster data can be exported to any TatukGIS write-supported image format (such as GeoTIFF, BMP, JPG, PNG, and PixelStore-image) or any TatukGIS write-supported grid format (such as FLT, GRD, and PixelStore-grid).

Besides export extent and file format settings, the File / Export to Image … dialog box contains options to specify the coordinate system and manage the size and compression level of the exported file. This function can also be used to mosaic image or grid data from multiple layers to a single file.

Refer to Editor File / Export to Image … help file for guidance on using this feature.

Created: September 13, 2018, Modified: September 26, 2018