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The Questions and Answers (Q & A) resource provides a means for TatukGIS customers to communicate with each other.
  1. Licensed users (with active maintenance) of a TatukGIS product are welcome to contribute Q & A content. Read-only access is available to anyone else.
  2. Keep the content positive and professional.
  3. Be courteous to other Q & A users by posting follow up information when a question or issue is answered or resolved by other means (such as via help provided by the TatukGIS technical support team). Inform other users when posted issue is resolved and offer at least a hint about how it was resolved.
  4. The Q & A resource is for general, "how-to" questions about TatukGIS software that might reasonably be answered by other users. Technical support questions (e.g., product "does-not-work-as-expected") should be directed to the TatukGIS support team by e-mail (to the support@ e-mail address). TatukGIS may or may not regularly follow the Q & A or contribute content.