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How to zoom the map to the shape

JörD asked on August 08, 2018, keyword: Viewer / Editor

I have different shape types for example: Point, Line, multi-point. I want to zoom the map to the shape after drawing.

The experiments with
GIS. ZoomBy (GIS. Zoom * 2, Pt. X, Pt. y); // shp.Centroid.X/Y
or as in the answer:
does not work with all shape types.

Could you recommend a procedure that is valid for all shape types?

Thank you in advance.
EltS replied August 08, 2018
We usually calculate the map extension by the shape to zoom it.

Example: you have a point shape, Pt.X = 10, Pt.Y = 20, so you could calculate TGIS_Extent like this bellow:

extent.XMax = 10 + 5 //-- The five is a factor of zoom
extent.XMin = 10 - 5
extent.YMax = 20 + 5
extent.YMin = 20 - 5

and then you can set the MAP.VisibleExtent = extent

by the way, you could have more than one shape, you just have to iterate to get the "max" and "min' coordinates and then apply that same method. 

That I know of, if you have a polygon, you could iterate the shape parts and points to get the coordinates and again apply that same method.
JörD replied August 08, 2018

thank you for your support.
I tested it superficial and it works very well!
Tomasz Kosinski (TatukGIS) replied August 08, 2018
Generally try to use

shape.ProjectedExtetnt instead of shape.Extent.

shape.ProjectedExtent is already expressed in a viewer coordinate system while shape.Extent is expressed ina layer coordinate system

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