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method GisPointOnLine3D

PeiH asked on September 25, 2018, keyword: Developer Kernel
The description of "GisPointOnLine3D" is "Calculates a projection of a point into the line in 3D.".
A sample code in c++ builder as the following

    TGIS_Point3D lineA,lineB,ptRaw;
    lineA.X=0.; lineA.Y=0.; lineA.Z=0.;
    lineB.X=1.; lineB.Y=1.; lineB.Z=1.;
    ptRaw.X=0.; ptRaw.Y=1.; ptRaw.Z=0.;
    TGIS_Point3D ptPrj=GisPointOnLine3D(lineA,lineB,ptRaw);

Why the result of ptPrj={0.5,0.5,0} does not located on the line(A-B) in 3D?
Tomasz Kosinski (TatukGIS) replied September 25, 2018
Calculations are planar. Documentation is not precise about this. I filled an improvement request as DK-10558
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