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different layers - different datum

MicH asked on October 23, 2018, keyword: Developer Kernel

normally different layers with different datum will align under one common datum/projection. As it seems, the first datum will be taken.
This is not fully working under this condition: First loaded layer is a vector layer with "WGS84" datum containing shapes, lines and points. Second layer loaded is a SRTM3 tile as a grid layer also with "WGS84" datum. The third layer should be the OpenStreetMap via the TatukGIS server. After loading this last layer the projection is not aligned automatically to "WGS84" or vice versa. Manual setting does also not work.

What goes wrong? Thank you.

Tomasz Kosinski (TatukGIS) replied September 25, 2018
Which product do you mention? Which version?

I suggest to contact support@ and provide sample project
MicH replied September 27, 2018

I am using the VCL DK.

Actually the problem is solved. The coordinates system for the first layer was set after adding the layer to the viewer. But it must be set before adding.

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