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Zooming by Mouse Wheel or Hot Key to keep same coordinates under mouse position

ScoL asked on June 26, 2019, keyword: Developer Kernel

We are trying to implement a better zoom experience in our map. We want to match the behavior where possible in Google maps where zooming in or out with the mouse wheel keeps the current map position directly under the mouse cursor.

// P1 and P2 are TGIS_Point
P1 := GetMapCoordinatesUnderMouseCursor;

// Zoom in or out with mouse wheel or some other way...
// In this case zoom in with a factor of 1.5x.
ZoomMapUnderPoint(P1, 1.5);
P2 := GetMapCoordinatesUnderMouseCursor;

So my question:
How do I ZoomMapUnderPoint() where P1 = P2 afterwards?

Thank you,

Scott Lynn

p.s. Here is my other function in case anyone does not understand that part:
function GetMapCoordinatesUnderMouseCursor : TGIS_Point;
  tp : TPoint;
  result := GISViewer.ScreenToMap(GIS.ScreenToClient(tp));

Tomasz Kosinski (TatukGIS) replied June 26, 2019
Anything wrong with Zooming sample?
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