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Can't load raster layers from PostGIS

GloH asked on October 02, 2019, keyword: Viewer / Editor
We imported a geoTiff file in PostgreSql whith raster2pgsql .
Using TatukGIS Viewer (5.15), we can connect to PostGIS and vector layers are showing. But Viewer can't show raster layer (when QGis can load them).

[TatukGIS Layer]
ADO=Provider=MSDASQL.1;Persist Security Info=False;Data Source=PostgreSQL35W
=> Unrecognized file format

Does TatukGIS support raster layers from PostGIS? How we can load them?
Artur Redzko (TatukGIS) replied August 12, 2019
We support PostGIS raster via GDAL library. Here is sample config file (.ttkps) :

[TatukGIS Layer]
Path=PG:host=localhost port=5439 dbname='postgis' user='postgres' password='postgres' schema='public' table=world mode=2"
SanP replied October 02, 2019
@Artur Redzko

GDAL library (as you described above) can open raster (Imported GeoTiff) as pixel  not a Grid layer and then opened layer hasn't elevation information. What about opening a Grid layer from PostGIS raster?
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