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TatukGIS Developer Kernel license on several computers

Bahodir asked on August 26, 2019, keyword: Developer Kernel
Can I use TatukGIS Developer Kernel for Delphi, DESKTOP + MOBILE + SRC License (single license) on multiple computers? We have several developers, same office, same company. Is it possible to activate several times single license?
LukK replied August 21, 2019
All is written in license:
"End User Application may be installed and used on one additional computer (typically a laptop computer for travel, a home computer, or a virtual computer on the same machine) under the same End User Application license, provided that the End User Application is:
i)   used only by the same user on both computers and
ii)  never used on both computers at the same."
LukK replied August 21, 2019
My mistake. The correct part of the license about Your question should be:
" TatukGIS Development Kit (DK). TatukGIS grants a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited license to install the DK on an appropriate number of computers for use by a single, named developer who must be registered to the license in the TatukGIS system. No person other than the registered licensed developer may use the DK in any way under this license."
Bahodir replied August 26, 2019
So if I buy one license - TatukGis developer Kernel 
1010-1001 TatukGIS Developer Kernel for Delphi, DESKTOP + MOBILE + SRC License

for $2990, can i use this license on multiple computers with my team? We need to accomplish one project and 2 developers work on the same project at the same time by sharing the modules. And we need to work at the same time on one project. Can we use the single license on multiple computers in one company?

My second question: we need to develop only desktop version. No mobile version is required. Will it be cheaper? If yes, how can I buy only desktop version?

LukK replied August 26, 2019
1. According to license - no. You can't use one license by two developers. One license can be use "by a single, named developer".
2. Based on this blog post:
there isn't version only for desktop, without mobile.
I'm not a Tatuk employee. For question about license you should ask at sales@tatukgis.com
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