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TatukGis Viewer can't open sqlite protected layer

MarG asked on September 09, 2019, keyword: Viewer / Editor
Using this document :

"https://docs.tatukgis.com/DK11/api:dk11:delphi:gislayersqlsqlite.tgis_layersqlsqlite "

I tried to connect to a password protected layer in sqlite DB via TatukGis Viewer.

But the Viewer shows error : "file is not a database".  How can I open that in Viewer?

Also, I noticed " If a Sqlite client supports encryption, a layer will pass a key from Password to a database in 'PRAGMA key' format command. " How can I set this 'PRAGMA key' ?

My ttkls file format is here :
  [TatukGIS Layer]
IñaJ replied September 07, 2019
I have this problem too. Any idea?
Artur Redzko (TatukGIS) replied September 09, 2019
To use the encryption, you need a special Sqlite library distribution with implemented one of these extensions: SEE, SQLCipher, SQLiteCrypt, etc. The SEE and SQLiteCrypt require the purchase of a license. TatukGIS products use a normal distribution without the encryption extension. 

Setting a password for a sqlite database connection in .ttkls file can be done using either Password or PRAGMA key commands. 
[TatukGIS Layer]
PRAGMA key=test123
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