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Scaling all label font sizes and label density at runtime

ScoL asked on September 10, 2019, keyword: Developer Kernel

In our case, we have a Tatukgis Map in a Delphi VCL application. We are interested in scaling the fonts larger or smaller at run time for certain displays and for map export. So we would like to loop through all the labels settings in the map and make the font sizes double or half the size depending on a checkbox or combobox setting.

1) How do we loop through our map geo layers for different road types and zoom layers so we can note the label font sizes and change them on the fly?

2) Is there an easier way to do this? We want the ability to increase or decrease the label density on certain displays or map exports as well.



Tomasz Kosinski (TatukGIS) replied September 10, 2019
Please, take a look on KB10678 and KB10414.
You can also express font sizes in cm, m, in, etc. which means that font will be scaled automaticity following 'virtual size' of the label. See Param AsText syntax.
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