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Thrasher Engineering

August 08, 2008

You folks at TatukGIS may not get enough praise between providing support for us end users, so here's some!

We've been using the DK going on three years now and have recently added the Spatial Database connectivity too. If it weren't for the DK's ability to connect and interact with such a variety of different data types, many of our clients would never even see a GIS application. Once we provide them with even a small custom viewer, they start asking for more. Many of them scale up to enterprise databases, but of course we still have several that just require shapefiles or personal databases.

I found myself today developing two completely different data type applications; one connecting to an SDE Server and one to a ESRI Personal Geodatabase, and earlier today I was supporting an application I built two years ago using TatukGIS's data storage on a MySQL server!

Keep up the excellent work!

Eric Meadows
GIS Manager
Thrasher Engineering
Charleston, West Virginia
E-mail: emeadows@thrashereng.com