Privacy Policy

TatukGIS does not share with third parties any personal or contact information provided to TatukGIS. User registration information (personal names, e-mail addresses, street addresses, telephone numbers) is used internally by TatukGIS to understand and manage the database of customers and potential customers, manage product access and user rights, control technical support and user forum access, verify purchaser identities (such as to minimize risk of fraud), and to resolve problems. TatukGIS rarely telephones to customers and never for marketing purposes. TatukGIS respects the confidentiality of any customer specific data, technical information, etc. shared with TatukGIS in the process of providing technical support.

Each person registering with TatukGIS is automatically placed on the TatukGIS newsletter e-mail distribution list, a low-volume (2 - 5 times per year) mailing informing of new products, significant product upgrades, and other TatukGIS related news. TatukGIS allows each registered user the option to be removed from the newsletter e-mail list. (TatukGIS typically does not send product release notification e-mails. Progress with products can be monitored via one of the supported feed services, e.g., RSS, FeedBurner, Facebook, Twitter, Google+.)

TatukGIS requests each user to provide accurate and verifiable contact information (name, organization name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.). Providing false identity and/or contact information is considered a violation of the software license agreement.

The TatukGIS web site uses small files known as cookies to enhance web page functionality and user experience, such as for the shopping cart procedure and to remember log-in details for returning visitors. Cookies are not used to identify visitors to the TatukGIS web site, nor to track visitor activity. TatukGIS does not use cookies for marketing purposes in any way.

Customer credit card data is never accessed or retained by TatukGIS when purchase is performed using the on-line credit card card payment method (because the buyer is securely connected directly to the authorized credit card processor, consistent with best practices).

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